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Frequently Asked Question!

Since we are an affiliated middle men that sells products online with different merchants, we do not need to give our exact location because we are not a brick and mortar business. We are an online marketing company. Any problems with your shipment or package is the merchants sole responsibility since they handle the transactions. They usually have a detailed location of their store.

Tree 0f Longevity Shop is owned and managed by Unify Retailer. We are an affiliate sole proprietorship working towards a LLC. We concatenate different merchants, unknown and known, to help customers find rare, unique to trendy products.Our goal is to introduce a variety of unique choices that many people do not have access to and a future possible interest in the merchants. If international purchase is possible, Our target audience can span worldwide. This gives us an eye-view with different trends and fashions in the market which offers expansion, popularity and sales. We also focus on diversity and integrity with any Niche sites we create. Marketing as an affiliate can also be offline as well as online by using business cards and flyers. Many methods besides listed below can be through social media: facebook Business, instagram, and twitter as well as legal methods of using SEO tactics In order to get organic traffic as well as paid Ad Sense.
Unify.Retailer.com is under construction and soon be available to the public and to businesses.

Most of our merchants that we choose are very competitive with the quality of their products. We don’t just sell chain merchandise we also have hard to find products that you cannot find in the retail stores.

That’s up to you if you prefer! We made this site in order to help customers save time and money when buying products out there. We concatenated merchants for your convenience so you can find what you are looking for instead of looking into the same merchant products that they only offer!

No, we are middlemen that sells the product for our merchants. You may need to keep your invoice and the phone number of the merchant that is listed there were you purchased. Be sure to contact the representatives as well.

Some merchants offer that. We are working on flexibility on our end to find out what countries that the merchant ship to.


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